Fall Prevention Education at Assisted Living Facilities


Yadkin Valley Home Health Physical Therapist Teaches Fall Prevention at Independent and Assisted Living Facilities

In honor of Fall Prevention Month, Zack, PTA at Yadkin Valley Home Health, is providing fall prevention education for residents in local independent and assisted living facilities. Let’s care for our community by sharing these 5 tips with your friends, family and neighbors.


Review Medications
Regularly review medications with your physician, pharmacist or health care provider. Make sure the side effects aren’t increasing your risk of falling.

Establish an Exercise Program
Physical activity can go a long way toward fall prevention. With your doctor’s consent, consider activities such as walking, water workouts or low stress exercises. Such activities reduce the risk of falls by improving strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Keep Your Home Safe
Reduce clutter so there is room to move around. Remove throw rugs or secure them to the floor with double sided tape to avoid trips and slips. Utilize grab bars, non-skid shower mats and shower chairs or benches in the bathroom to decrease risk of fatigue and possible falls. Remember to keep your home well-lit and your belongings within easy reach. The smallest modifications can have a huge impact!

Treat Your Feet
Wear proper footwear with non-skid soles inside and outside of the home. Walking barefoot or wearing slippers substantially increases your risk for falls. If you have a physician prescribed cane or walker, using it at all times is imperative for your safety.

Find Your Support System
Enlist the support of family, friends, facility staff and healthcare professionals who can assist you in making smart decisions pertaining to your safety and well-being.